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Open prints have no limit in their print run and are thus not hand numbered, however these are still hand signed. Otherwise prints are identical in appearance and quality to signed and numbered prints. Please contact me directly for custom sizes.

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08" x 10", 11" x 14", 16" x 20", 22" x 28", 24" x 36", 30" x 40"


No Further, Tribal Border, Face Off, Eye of the Tiger, Flight of Fancy, Amur Leopard, Abandoned, Sticks and Stones, Spirit Dancer, Courage, Path to Adventure, Marlboro Man, Last Light of the Huli, Rainbow Forest, Lazy Forest, Protective Shadows, Separated from the Pack, The Treasury, Emerging from the Shadows, Into the Blue, Gateway to the Jungle, Jungle Clearing, Chameleon, Candlelit, Tz'Utujil, Eiffel Tower, Boy Soldier, Tarzan, White World, Keep Close, Jungle Temple, Transfixed, Bullseye, Path of the Forgotten, Face to Face, Field of Cloud, Tower Bridge, The Path Less Trodden, Jungle Leopard, Downwind, Crocodile Tears, Camel Train, Arid Lands, Holy Water, The Peacock Door, Taj, Wing and a Prayer, Blue and Gold Macaw, Sleeping Snub Nose, Red eyed Aye Aye, Path Ahead, Amber Eyes, Come Closer, Outside World, Night's Diamonds, Leaf Tailed Gecko, Ivory smile, I Dare You, Ripples, Finding Safety, Camera Shy, Killer Eyes, Two Face, Caesar, Hannibal, Down The Hatch, Rolling Thunder

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